Thanks to Mercedes “The Self-Driving Buses” Stuff Is About to Get Real

Mercedes has debuted its latest autonomous driving technology in something other than a luxury saloon.


The ‘Future Bus’, based on a standard Citaro bus, is able to drive itself safely in urban conditions, with Mercedes showcasing the technology by taking it on a 12-mile journey without human input. The autonomous system, dubbed CityPilot, still requires a driver to be on board due to legislation, but can obey most traffic laws and red lights.


The Future Bus uses new ‘V2I’ (vehicle- to-infrastructure) technology, allowing it to communicate with traffic signals and other buses to ensure safe manoeuvres. It is even able to sense when passengers are boarding and departing.


The interior is also unlike any normal bus you’ll see on the road, as it has been designed to resemble a living room. The exterior also gets futuristic light signatures and geometric patterns to help distinguish it from a regular bus.


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