Tesla Shock Fans With Its New Pick-up Project

elon-muskTesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the company’s intentions to build an all-electric pick-up truck – and our exclusive image shows how it could look.

The new pick-up truck forms part of Musk’s ‘Master Plan, Part Deux’, announced last week, which details a proposed range expansion to include a smaller SUV, trucks and even driverless buses.

The products will roll out over the next few years, along with new solar charging tech and car share plans.

In the big plan (below, right), Musk claimed a number of products- including the lorries and buses – would be ready for unveil next year, hinting the pick-up and smaller SUV are being worked on concurrently.

It’s likely the pick-up will rival the upcoming Mercedes ‘X-Class’, but without conventional petrol or diesel power.


We expect the Tesla pick-up to share its underpinnings with the Model X SUV, as well as offering an identical range of powertrains. That means it should deliver performance unlike any other pick-up on the market. Despite weighing almost 2.5 tonnes, even the basic Model X will sprint from 0-60mph in around six seconds, while an all-electric range of 220 miles should be plenty for most prospective owners.

However, being a commercial vehicle, it’s likely to be priced below the Model X, which currently starts from £64,100 for the 60D version. For it to compete with diesel rivals, Tesla would need to price its pick-up closer to £30,000, although that’ll inevitably be confirmed in due course.

In terms of carrying capacity and load volume, the Tesla is likely to match models like the Nissan NP300 Navara, which offers a 1,000kg pay load. As with the Model X SUV, we expect the Tesla pick-up to be four-wheel drive only, using the brand’s Dual Motor technology powering the front and rear wheels. We’ve no word on towing capacity, but given the basic Model X has 525Nm of torque, that won’t be a problem.

“It’s likely Tesla first pick-up will rivan Mercedes’ new X-Class, but without conventional petrol or diesel power”

Many competitors offer single and king- cab variations, although Tesla is expected to stick with the popular double-cab set-up. Styling cues are expected to be lifted from elsewhere in the range, with the Model S and Model X’s blank nose and swept-back headlights almost certain to feature.

The raised ride height will come courtesy of the Model X, although off-road ability isn’t likely to be a priority. It’ll likely get a slightly steeper windscreen, while a wide, flat load bay is guaranteed. The rearwill be as clean as the front, with sleek LED lights, plenty of chrome and a high load lip.


In addition, Musk also detailed his plans to push on with autonomous driving, so the pick-up will get the hardware and software necessary to allow features like Autopilot and Summon to function. He acknowledges it’ll be some time before legislation and laws are in place to allow full autonomy on public roads, but assures us that Tesla will be at the forefront of any innovation.


Once approved, you’ll be able to “sleep, read or do anything else en route to your destination,” Musk said.


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