Suzuki Ignis 2017

 £12.500 (est)

If you don’t want one already, the new Ignis has probably failed. Because the best thing about this new jacked-up crossover-cum-city-car box is the way it looks.

The bulldog nose that so desperately wants to be “grrr” aggressive but looks more like a frowning Pokemon, the Adidas stripes in the rear pillar that nod to the Seventies Whizzkid supermini’s rear engine-cooling vents, the bulbous My First Audi RS6 wheelarehes… this has to be the coolest piece of small-car design since the Up.



Then there’s the price: £10k for a basic one, and under £14k for a four-wheel-drive hybrid version. Part-time all-wheel drive (yeah, it’s after you, Fiat Panda Trekking) is a cheap option, as is a rudimentary hybrid booster that adds just 6.2kg in weight thanks to lithium-ion batteries and ups economy by 5mpg or so, officially. CO2, also drops below three digits to 97g/km, but there are several good reasons why you don’t want the hybrid.

First, cheap cars are best kept cheap. Second, it’s so subtle in operation as to be barely noticeable – you get no more performance, and on test we scored 50.4mpg, identical to the non-hybrid 1.2-litre. But worst is the ride – adding AWD and the related tweaks in suspension upsets the lofty Ignis’s behaviour from skittish to downright jarring.


Bargain basement Suzuki is as cheap as ramen noodles

It’s understandable this is a firm, jittery car – it’s got a short wheelbase, 180mm of ground clearance and giving it the shocks from Saul Goodman’s Caddy would quickly make it fall over at every roundabout. But it’s also extremely light – 810kg fora basic model (though all get DAB, Bluetooth, aircon and six airbags), and 855kg for the heartland mid-spec 1.2-litre, complete with laggy touchscreen (albeit Apple CarPlay ready) and anti-crash braking.


Sure, the doors are paper-thin and the trim’s so tinny it practically echoes inside, but it’s roomier than many a German family hatch, and hard-wearing. Basically, nothing’s bad enough to undo the goodwill of that price, and those looks.



1242cc, 4cyl, FWD, 88bhp, 89lb ft

60.1mpg, 106g/km CO2

0-62mph in 11.1secs, 103mph




Noisy, fidgety and spartan. but for sheer honesty and coolness-per-penny looks. this Ignis really does getunder your skin.


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