Spread Your Wings – Tesla Model X

And then that huge touch display from which you control every single point of your new hyper big toy, from the radio to the satellite navigator, via the air conditioning and the height of the suspension, which instead of getting lost in high-sounding nicknames it comes with – very low, low, standard, high and very high. More clearly than that, nothing.


Finally, selecting the “Ludicrous” mode, you get full power, well energy, generated by the two electric motors. The luggage space is not lacking, but be careful to plan trips out of town too, since not every city or car park is equipped with charging stations – despite Tesla is very active in the area and allow different solutions. The average range for the most powerful P90D is almost 500km, not bad if you think of an everyday use, not having to constantly keeping an eye on the battery indicator, even in case you are forced to deviate from the classic home-work route.

tesla-model-x-seatsAnd it goes on to praise the clean lines, very close to those of the Model S sedan, the lack of buttons on the console, or the properly ridiculous performance, considering size, weight and type of power. The hiss and rustle of the wind will be your faithful companions, and you will forget gas stations and boring things like that. But why this Model X is so special? For everything, actually.

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