Sportiness Against All Odds – Austin Big Seven 1938 by Ulster

30s – after one of the worst depressions in the world economy, a race for modernity starts, a race to all that is dynamic, crazy, charming and so cars racing begin to take shape, going from being a sort of picturesque challenges, pioneering ventures, into proper and real races.

austin-big-seven-1938-2Races governed by precise rules, that involves following more or less permanent circuits and in which drivers begin to compete with cars specifically designed for racing or derived from standard models, but still characterized by targeted and competitive solutions.

The air we breathe is handcrafted in England and you live that fervor (still not dormant) leading to edit/ modify almost every car on the market. Every model can thus be a potential “race car”, no matter how high performance it has, the important thing is that it is able to give emotions.


And so mechanics and body shops starts to indulge themselves, also using quiet family cars as a starting project, as long as easily transformable, easily serviceable and relatively inexpensive. In this way, the Austin Seven and Big Seven manage to tread the competition fields (car which for years kept competing – Bruce McLaren scored his first victory at the wheel of a Seven Ulster, at the age of 15), changing from being clumsy all-rounder and transforming themselves into agile sports cars.

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