So, what else is new?

Mazda 6 2.2 SkyActiv-Dmazda-6

What should I know? More tweaks for the Mazda6, including a new steering wheel, a quieter diesel engine and the first application of G-Vectoring Control. This last one is Mazda’s novel way of torque-vectoring to aid handling.

Should I care? Yes. As D-segment cars go, the latest Mazda6 remains striking to look at, nice to drive and well-equipped; we wonder why more people aren’t buying into them.


Tesla Model S 60Dtesla

What should I know? Meet the entry-level Tesla. Bored waiting for the Model 3? Us too. In the meantime, the Model S (now with a simmer fake-grille moustache) gets a 60kWh battery. It does 0-62 in 5.4 seconds.

Should I care? Yup. Ignore YouTube drag races: this is the smartest Model S. It’s still effortlessly rapid, and range is a realistic 253 miles. But besides the performance, the fact you can now put a Tesla on the drive ought to terrify Audi et al.


Jaguar XE AWDjaguar

What should I know? Jaguar is offering AWD on its XE and XF saloons. Clearly it fancies a slice of the quattro and xDrive pie.

Should I care? We’d argue not. The option price is good value tech-wise, buying you a rear-biased AWD system similar to an F-Type’s. But neither saloon has ever been anything less than adept and well balanced, and mpg falls 10 per cent. Decent winter tyres will serve you better when the snow storms come.

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