So Far Mercedes and Smart Are Working Each At Theirs Own Electric Cars

Mercedes’ EQ electric sub-brand will launch 10 new pure-electric vehicles between 2019 and 2025, and this push could be in addition to successors to the current electric Smart vehicles.


The maker’s new sub-brand will start its pure-electric push with the production version of the Generation EQ concept. Mercedes has registered all suitable EQ-prefixed badges: everything from a small EQA to a large EQS saloon could be feasible.


Marketing and sales boss Ola Källenius told: “Over a broad range of our portfolio, in volume segments, we will have attractive products at differing price ranges.” Källenius declined to confirm that the next generation of Smart EVS would be part of the EQ push, however, adding: “Right now, that’s the Smart Electric Drive and EQ is EQ.”

He also said that before 2025 additional hybrid models could be introduced to the EQ range: “EQ need not be pure EV.”



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