Smart Lines Up Three Electric Models For The UK Next Year

SMART HAS INTRODUCED electric versions of its Fortwo, Fortwo Cabriolet and Forfour. The new Electric Drive models are claimed to have better range and performance and significantly faster recharging times than their predecessors. The improvements are thanks to a new powertrain largely shared with the Renault Zoe and developments to the charging system. The Electric Drive models use a rear-mounted three-phase synchronous electric motor delivering 80bhp and 1181b ft to the rear wheels. These are increases of 5bhp and 221b ft on the electric motor used by the earlier Fortwo and Fortwo Cabriolet Electric Drive. It’s also 7bhp and 441b ft down on the electric motor used by the front-wheel-drive Zoe.

Fortwo Electric Drive will start at about £20k

Fortwo Electric Drive will start at about £20k

Drive is channelled through a fixed-ratio gearbox. Smart claims 0-62mph times of 11.5sec for the Fortwo. 11.8sec for the Fortwo Cabriolet and 12.7sec for the Forfour Electric Drive models. Each has a top speed limited to 81mph. Smart claims a nine-mile improvement in overall range over the previous Fortwo Electric Drive, with its new model achieving nearly 100 miles on the European test cycle. The added weight of the Fortwo Cabriolet and Forfour reduces the battery range by three miles over the Fortwo version to 96 miles. A 22kW charging system is claimed to recharge the battery in just 45 minutes. Smart’s trio of electric models are due to reach UK showrooms in the middle of next year. Pricing is expected to start at £20,000, after the government grant, for the Fortwo Electric Drive.

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