Rolls Royce Phantom VIII: The Architecture Of Luxury

At first sight, the new generation of the RR Phantom, reaching its eighth reincarnation, might seem almost identical to the previous series. In fact, there is no such disparate design in terms of design, a part from the connotations up front, where the iconic vertical blade grille is taller and narrower and is located in the middle of the new laser headlights. What changes, however, happens around the chassis, with the introduction of the brand new “Architecture of Luxury” frame, so-called by the brand to emphasize how RR takes the distance from BMW chassis (used so far) and points to further raising its standards – in fact it will also be used on all future models showing off the Spirit of Ecstasy.

8mm larger, 29mm wider and with a wheelbase 19mm shorter, the Phantom VIII manages to keep an inevitable weight gain due to an even more sophisticated soundproofing of the passenger compartment and therefore thanks to the new chassis, you can achieve a great compromise between rigidity and overall weight safeguard. The engine is also new, although it is a 6750cc V12 capable of delivering 900Nm of torque (already available at 1700rpm) and about 563hp (at 5000rpm), which will make a random chauffeur a real driver. This power is grounded via huge 23 inch rear wheels (22 at front) with an 8-speed automatic transmission letting the Phantom VIII to eat the 0-100 in just 5.3 seconds.

Obviously, there is endless love for the minutest and most sought-after detail that, thanks to the ability to configure the interior as you wish, will allow you to create something that transcends the concept of luxury cars, getting something even more exclusive. Lastly, the price also increases, bringing you to pay at least $ 522,635.

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