Rolls-Royce: Amazing Upgrades For Luxurious Rides

Sweptail (US$12.8 million, RM57.6 million) is an achingly gorgeous piece of machinery that showcases Rolls-Royce’s immortal coach-building expertise. A brushed aluminium piece frames the dignified face and leads into the hand-polished Pantheon grille. Along the sides, a combination of concave surfaces and mild flaring of the wheel arches lend a taut appearance which culminates in the central focus of the project: a convergence of drama between the aluminium-lined panoramic glass roof with the flanking bodywork.

Within, a mid-shelf replaces the rear bench while a hat shelf complete with luggage rails sits beneath the tapering end of the roof. Across the dashboard, a minimalist aesthetic is presented as switchgear is hidden behind Macassar veneer panels and paired with open-pore Paldao. Additional delights include twin hidden panniers aft of the doors which contain matching attache cases and a mechanism to deploy the client s favourite vintage champagne from the centre console.

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