Renault ZOE Runs 250-mile With a Single Charge

Renault also revealed its updated ZOE in Paris. The electric supermini sees its range almost double, with up to 250 miles from a single charge – much further than rivals.


Updated ZOE gets now 44kWh battery, almost doubling range

This improvement comes courtesy of a new Z.E. 40 battery. It offers nearly double the energy capacity of the current unit, from 22kWh to 41kWh. Renault has also quoted a real-world figure of 186 miles, compared with 106 miles for the current car. Yet the new battery is no bigger or heavier, and takes a similar amount of time to charge.


Three variants of the ZOE were announced in Paris: entry-level cars offer 76bhp, mid-spec models 87bhp and flagships 89bhp. There’s no word on whether all three will come here, and if the base price will be cut from £13,445. But existing ZOE owners can upgrade their battery for a 200-mile range.




Owners of Renault electric cars who pay to charge their batteries at public points will only need one payment card from next year.

The Renault Z.E. Pass will enable users to pay to plug in at any charging point across the country with one smart card. It’s hoped that it will be compatible with all public charging points – Renault UK Is currently negotiating with the UK’s various charge point operators. The Z.E. Pass is already operational In Europe, however.



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