Renault Unwinds With An E-Aston

AFTER THE hard work, the reward. ‘After hammering my design team for six years on production models I needed to let the guys loose and dream,’ says Renault design chief Laurens van den Acker with a smile. The result is the Trezor concept: a classic, long-nosed, rear-wheel-drive, two-seater GT that’s lower than a Lotus Elise, powered by a 35obhp Formula E motor (for a sub-4sec 0-62mph) and accessed via a dramatic clamshell-style opening.

The curvaceous styling will be familiar, as exterior designer Yann Jarsalle admits: ‘Since the DeZir concept and Clio [a Jarsall creation], our exterior form language was set – very fluid and sensual. Now we’ve just played with it.’ So the Trezor’s language is familiar, if still stuffed with ideas. Take the matt hexagonal surfacing on the lower panels, which looks – and feels – superb and contrasts with the smooth bonnet and roof, which clamp down with well-defined shutlines. The hexagonal theme is continued in the bonnet vents too, which open to allow air to the battery pack.

The luxurious cabin riffs on automotive interior staples wood and leather. The dashboard uses wood structurally rather than as a surface veneer, while the leather on the seats is thick and robust, and inspired by the shape of a saddle. Don’t expect a production Renault GT like this next year, but do expect elements of this design – notably the driver’s screen (see below) – to filter through to its regular production cars soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the conceptual flourish.

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