Renault Megane Sporter: Keeps Getting Better

What’s the difference between cooking any day’s lunch or preparing a romantic dinner for the beautiful girl at which you’re aiming for weeks? Basically, the only things to change are the courses, which, instead of some ready in 5 minutes dishes, will leave room to a host of improvised appetizers. But in the end, it is always like having dinner, to feed ourselves, one of the simplest and most desirable actions we do daily – just like getting in the car.

But what if, instead of doing it at the wheel of a boring utilitarian, we have the chance to jump on board an honest but more convincing family wagon? If you have overcome my tardy introductory preamble, you will have realized that my coexistence with the new Renault Megane Sporter has been really satisfactory, both for the high quality capabilities of the new French proposal and for the good driving behavior, in traffic as well as on motorways or on country roads.

We have driven it quite a lot, noting that the small 1.5-cc turbodiesel 4-cylinder excels in every situation, also thanks to the convenience and ease of driving that is offered by the automatic gearbox, perhaps not always fast and responsive, but nevertheless adequate and up to the task. The model tested has no dizzying power figures – indeed, the 110hp are few, and this also makes a bit of interest for figures in the fuel consumption voice. The fact is that thanks to its overall weight (that does not exceed a ton and a half, even with the driver on board), the Megane Sporter is agile and fits so well that it does not bother a more generous engine. The 260Nm of torque are available immediately, at just 1750 rpm, and the French continues to propose itself as a delicious dish, not complicated but effective and concrete, especially for the customers to whom it is intended.

Comfortable for five adults, the luggage compartment is huge and can accommodate suitcases of various kinds and, if necessary, two photographers (yes, two!). Traction is at front and despite the soft suspension geared for maximum comfort, there is no excess in rolling or pitch. Inside, we find the classic Renault dashboard of the latest generation models, with the large tablet-style touch screen from which to control air conditioning, satellite navigator, radio and any other parameter – always very precise and intuitive. On the central tunnel, the Multi-sense button allows us to quickly switch to the desired driving mode, and can also change the color and configuration of the digital instrument panel.

The only drawback is represented by the synthetic fabric that makes the sweaty seats very hot and force you for some extra stops during long journeys – it’s a pity because they are comfy and allow you to quickly find the ideal driving position. What I like most about the Megane Sporter, which logically resumes the salient features of the sedan, is the design of the headlights (both front and rear) and the smoothness of the bodywork lines, so apparently simple but at the same time modern and personal. The Sporter is a family car, designed for all pockets (the model in test starts at just over € 25,000), which unlike many rivals, can do what you need in a better way, satisfying your driving as much finding a car that is able to improve the most typical drives. And I think this is not a negligible quality.

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