R for Rough: Mercedes-AMG C63 R Coupe

Mercedes-AMG is working on a hardcore version of the C63 Coupe to rival the BMW M4GTS.

The C63 R, spied undergoing tests at the Nurburgring in Germany in near-production form, wears a large rear wing and a prominent front spoiler, suggesting it will produce enough downforce to enhance track performance and hinting at a more powerful version of the C63’s ‘hot-vee’ twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine under the bonnet.


The most powerful C63 on sale at the moment is the C63 S, which produces 503bhp from its 4.0-litre V8. However, the hardcore 577bhp AMG GT R demonstrates that significantly more power can be extracted from this engine.


Like the GTR, the C63R will shed some weight through the use of carbonfibre parts. A titanium exhaust system is also thought to be a possibility.


The result should be a car that’s both significantly quicker off the line and faster through corners than the C63 S, which reaches 62mph from rest in 3.9sec.

The M4 GTS manages the same benchmark sprint in 3.8sec, suggesting the new Mercedes-AMG model will have the edge on performance.



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