“Q” Has Gone Mad – Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster

Abandon all hope, because this sculpture on wheels is a unique piece, commissioned by a wealthy client and built by Aston Martin special department “Q”.

It may seem strange, but there are no machine guns that come out from the front grille not even tool for piercing the tires of your pursuers, and probably because tailgating you will be really difficult, thanks to a 600hp V12, which mated to a Sportshift III 7-speed gearbox, you will be able to fly away without any effort.


aston-martin-vantage-GT12-roadster-insideNo waiver due to the loss of the solid-roof, this Vantage GT12 Roadster retains the distinctive and aggressive look of the Coupe version, and then we find plenty of carbon fiber, huge spoilers, a large (and functional) rear diffuser and the classic and unfailing luxury inside the cockpit, with leather and every amenity that an Aston customer expects.

Without losing its elegance, this exclusive roadster is in every way the aston-martin-vantage-GT12-roadster-exhaustmost brutal and violent car the English brand has ever given us and in times like these we would ask for two things only: a good number of units produced and enough money to buy one.



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