Porsche 911 Returns Now Stronger Than Ever

Can’t remember driving the 911 Turbo S and thinking it needed another 118bhp. And two fewer driven wheels. But then the new GT2 RS isn’t about need – we’re deep into the supercar stratosphere here, where mind-boggling numbers and outrageous design hold currency – whether you can use any of it on the public road or not is a secondary concern.

So we start with the figures – 690bhp (700PS) and 553lb ft from a better-hung version of the Turbo S’s 3.8-litre flat-six. Larger turbos and a water-sprayed intercooler accounts for the bump. With a kerbweight of 1,470kg (205kg less than the 4WD Turbo S), performance is eye-opening: 0–62mph in 2.8 seconds, 211mph flat-out.

Standard kit is from Porsche’s top shelf, so a seven-speed PDK (no manual, but – trust us – you’ll probably want to keep both hands on the wheel when those turbos come on boost), four-wheel steering, carbon-ceramic brakes and wheels that are 20mm wider than a Turbo S, front and rear, and an extra inch in diameter at the back.

And then there’s the weight-saving materials: carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the front wings, wheel vents, wing mirror shells, side air intakes, the bonnet and many interior trim elements, and a magnesium roof as standard.

If you really want to cut that final two per cent body fat, then a £21,042 Weissach package drops another 30kg by swapping in a carbon roof, carbon anti-roll bars and carbon coupling rods on both axles, plus magnesium wheels. None of this is strictly necessary, but you just know most buyers will go for it.

No interior pics yet, but picture this: red Alcantara, black leather, much-naked carbon and full bucket seats. It’s not a sadist’s 911 either, so infotainment and aircon remain. Thank God. The price for all this pant-wetting performance? A suitably supercar-esque £201,506.

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