Skoda Octavia Gets A New Face

Costa Rica is a tiny country in Central America. There are roughly five million people who live in Costa Rica. What’s the relevance? Well, if Skoda had sold only Octavias in Costa Rica, by now, every single person in that country would have been driving one. I’m just trying to make a point – the … [Read more…]

Discover The Incredible Power Of Ford Focus RS

CAMOUFLAGE, SECRET TEST locations, PR denials in the face of overwhelming evidence… Mostly, car manufacturers conceal new-model testing, so it’s unusual that Ford commissioned a documentary to chronicle Focus RS development. There’s marketing puff, but proper fly-on-the-wall moments too: a car breaking, engines failing, deadlines missed, all of it on YouTube. Towards the end of … [Read more…]

New BMW M2 Is The First Truly Great M Car In Years

LAGUNA SECA is a little bit of everywhere made awesome, its epic climbs and tortuous turns exaggerated versions of special roads from all over the world. The gut-wrenching Corkscrew mimics the technical, testing drop from Upper Finton to Lower Finton deep in England’s leafy B-road boondocks. The long, engine-stretching start-finish ‘straight’ could be any stretch … [Read more…]

Discover What BMW 330e Can Do

UNDER THE BOOT floor of this outwardly conventional 3-series there’s a stack of lithium ion batteries, serving two principle purposes: first to power an 87bhp electric motor sandwiched between the 184bhp 2.0-litre four-pot engine and the transmission, and second to steal 110 litres of boot space. Is either purpose a laudable one? We start our … [Read more…]

Mercedes-Benz GLS: This Brilliant, Analogue Bus Is Merc’s Best SUV

IN AN AUSTRIAN ski lift station temporarily brought to corporate heel in the interests of trespassing Mercedes’ new GLS a scant few kilometres across the sub-zero grounds of an ibex kindergarten, pride of place goes to an art deco fanlight-fashioned display of the company’s 37-strong SUV model range. That’s right: thirty seven. Granted, five specimens … [Read more…]