Schnitzer ACS3 Sport – Who Ordered the Canard?


Weirdly, the carbonfibre aero flicks share their name with French ducks. Less weirdly, look what BM’s sainted tuner has done to the M3 This ACS3 Sport is Schnitzer’s rolling showroom, kitted out with the Aachen-based tuner’s key suspension, engine, exhaust, alloy wheels, tyres and styling packages. The simple menu structure that Schnitzer offers makes choosing … [Read more…]

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe – Technically Not a Gap


But Mercedes fills it anyway, just in case there’s someone out there wanting a sleeker GLC Mercedes’ New GLC Coupe is proof that cohesively-styled models can exist in the fledgling Sport Coupility Vehicle segment, although that coupe moniker remains a misnomer – think of this GLC as a slinkier, but still high-rise, fastback iteration of … [Read more…]

Polaris Slingshot


It’s a motorbike with cupholders And now for something completely different. The Polaris Slingshot (great name, eh?) isn’t technically a car, nor is it a bike, but a trike; a sort of unidentified three-wheeled object you can legally drive on either a car or motorcycle licence, and without a helmet if you’re not particularly sentimental … [Read more…]

Blonde Ambition – Volvo S90


New 5-serios rival comes no more stripped back than this: front-wheel drive, sub-200bhp diesel, non-air suspension. And still it’s brilliant With drive-free rear wheels, mechanical springs (albeit of a novel composite and transverse leafy nature at the back) and a lowly four-cylinder diesel behind that strik­ing, P1800-inspired grille, the new-generation family Volvo comes no more … [Read more…]

Mercedes-AMG C43 Estate


We’re not along for the ride …. Because the ride is awful. Shame, as everything else is ace Let’s do the maths on this. A C43 sounds like, ooh, about two-thirds of a C63. And on paper, that sums up perfectly the positioning of the latest AMG. With 362bhp and 384lb ft from its bi-turbocharged … [Read more…]

Give Us a High Five – BMW 5-Series Prototype


BMW’s exec hero returns disguised as a shrink-wrapped 7-series. Merc and Jag are hoping it can’t be that good. In final pre-production guise, we drive it. If there ever was a mule which did not need the full camouflage treatment, then this is it. The new BMW 5-series, code-named G30, is anything but a breakthrough … [Read more…]

Maybach Goes to Great Lengths


This Pebble Beach-storming monster is called Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 because it’s almost, but strangely not quite, 6 m long If you don’t want to be noticed, don’t walk into the room on stilts wearing a wizard’s robe and a hat that lights up. Maybach, to judge by this extraordinary gullwinged coupe, wants to be noticed. … [Read more…]

Alley Cat – Jaguar XF


Stylish with a touch of sinister. Is the new XF still a proper Jag? Before Jaguar became one of Britain’s most prestigious exports, and a mainstay in the luxury car market, it was a wispy notion in the mind of its co-founder, Sir William Lyons. The man imbued his designs with a distinctly artistic flavour, … [Read more…]

Supra-engined Datsun 260Z


Chasing Js are fans of the proven resto-mod approach (as perfected by the likes of Singer with their Porsches): enhance the classic lines but banish all the period weediness, slop and the appalling lack of brakes with modern componentry. So into their outlandish Z has gone a boosted Supra straight-six, for the kind of output … [Read more…]