Audi RS5 Coupe Feels Like Heaven

Can I make a confession? It’s been five days since I drove the new RS5, and I’m still not entirely sure I’ve made my mind up about it. It’s like leaving the cinema unsure if what you’ve just watched is a misunderstood future classic or just plain… plain, really. It lingers in your head for … [Read more…]

Golf GTE Lets You Drive More Efficiently

The new Golf GTE is unlike any other hybrid. That is, a plug-in performance hybrid that’s capable of zero driving emissions, but can still knock your socks off. In the not too distant past, test drivers would groan at the mere mention of having to drive a hybrid.

BMW’s New Design Will Impress You

Former Skoda design chief, and Bugatti Veyron designer, Jozef Kabaň only took up his new role as BMW head of design operations in February (too late to change direction with the two newly revealed models you see here) but it’s obvious that whatever comes next needs a lot more pizzazz.

These Baby SUVs Are Multiplying Quickly

Go on, take a wild guess at what type of car we’re currently all buying in droves. No, not V8-engined two-seater sports cars, unfortunately, but supermini-based SUVs, and new ones are arriving at such at rate we’ve barely got space for them. This month? Just the four…

Porsche 911 Returns Now Stronger Than Ever

Can’t remember driving the 911 Turbo S and thinking it needed another 118bhp. And two fewer driven wheels. But then the new GT2 RS isn’t about need – we’re deep into the supercar stratosphere here, where mind-boggling numbers and outrageous design hold currency – whether you can use any of it on the public road … [Read more…]