Mazda 6 Wagon Gets On The Top

Mazda is not just about the MX-5. The little roadster, the most beloved and sold in the world, has marked an era, it has basically founded and consecrated a school of thought, keeping the Japanese maker among the big names, but Mazda doesn’t want to sit and wait or to be only associated with the … [Read more…]

Novitec 488 GTB Will Amaze You

Starting from what is more than a good donor – that of the Ferrari 488 GTB – Novitec has radically left its signature transforming every deeper shade of the Prancing Horses berlinetta. From being a thrilling performance supercar with an innate inclination to be driven on any type of road, the 488 GTB embraces the … [Read more…]

Maserati GranTurismo Keeps Its Sexy Look

10 years have passed since its debut and the Maserati GranTurismo is still marvelously beautiful. If evolution was not a fundamental matter, we could safely argue that this restyling was superfluous, but the Italian trident has rightly upgraded its coupe. The 2018 model year comes with a refreshed look, thanks in particular to the new … [Read more…]

An Exotic Appereance – 1993 Porsche 964 Flachbau


Foot flat to the floor in third gear, I’m still waiting to make any meaningful progress around the high-speed test track, the location for today’s latest Total 911 drive. As the orange needle on the VDO tachometer sweeps past the 3,000rpm mark though, the whistling that had previously been but a mere mumble through the … [Read more…]

300 Aston Martin Comes With Fresh Forces

100 V12 and 200 V8 Vantages, both in coupe and roadster declination, and the dice is thrown! Finally, after having seen the magnificent preview in Geneva, Aston Martin confirms that a total production of 300 units will be released on the market, featuring the Aston Martin Racing livery and carrying a few interesting things at … [Read more…]