Morgan EV3 – Electric Engine Same Classy Style

The first all-electric series-production Morgan has arrived in the shape of the new EV3 at the Geneva show. Based on the successful 3 Wheeler sports car, the EV3 swaps the 3 Wheeler’s 80bhp V-twin engine for a 62bhp electric motor. It is fed by a lithium battery and promises a range of 150 miles.

Kia Stinger Is Here To Supply Your Sportiness

At risk of puncturing the suspense, the new news is this really is a very agreeable car. The old news is it labours under a terrible name. No, not Kia, you fools. Stinger. What were they thinking of, calling a car Stinger? Anyway, they were stuck with Kia. They actually chose Stinger. The Kia badge … [Read more…]

Ford Fiesta ST200 Has Sharper Teeth

Ford Fiesta ST200-1

Hot new Fiesta ST200 gets 212bhp on overboost and revised suspension to hone its dynamic appeal Ford has created a more powerful and focused version of the Fiesta ST. The Fiesta ST200, unveiled at the Geneva motor show, will reach the UK in limited numbers in the summer. The ST200 hot hatch uses a tuned … [Read more…]

Porsche 911 GT3 vs 911R

It’s super-fast of course, but you don’t feel the need to wring it out in every gear, to go in search of 8,800rpm. Mainly this is because there are laws about that sort of thing, but even if there weren’t I think you’d find yourself being content to shift up at 6,000rpm, to let the … [Read more…]