Classics Jaguar MK X

For many years, the lines of big Jaguar sedans has remained practically unchanged, from MK VII to MK VIII and the following MK IX, there only have been a few aesthetic changes, so it was necessary to make a turn with a completely new model. After the success achieved in Geneva in March, with the … [Read more…]

Porsche 964 RS Vs Porsche C4 Lightweight – Who’s Will Win The Lightweight Crown?


A s introductions to a new track go, this undoubtedly registers at the ‘surreal’ end of the spectrum. I’m no stranger to learning unfamiliar circuits, but I don’t normally initiate myself to new surroundings quite like this. At the wheel of a 964 Carrera RS, I’m familiarising myself with Botniaring’s nine distinct turns, all the … [Read more…]

Renault Megane Sporter: Keeps Getting Better

What’s the difference between cooking any day’s lunch or preparing a romantic dinner for the beautiful girl at which you’re aiming for weeks? Basically, the only things to change are the courses, which, instead of some ready in 5 minutes dishes, will leave room to a host of improvised appetizers. But in the end, it … [Read more…]