Maruti (the Indian Suzuki) Launches New Ignis To Blow The Small Cars Segment


I do not listen to music; not when I’m alone at home neither when I’m driving; my iPhone doesn’t even have a playlist. However, if I’ve company when I’m driving, I do not put a dampener on things and let others play their favourite music. For instance, my partner and I were on our way back to Mumbai from Delhi – a two-day, 1600km journey.

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Nissan Talks About What It Has In Store For Us

Nissan’s chief designer, Shiro Nakamura, who styled hugely significant cars including the GT-R, Qashqai, 350Z, Juke, Leaf and Cube, retired in March after 17 years with the manufacturer. Nakamura has been replaced by Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti’s previous head of design, with ex-BMW design chief Karim Habib taking Albaisa’s role. Nakamura, 66, was brought to Nissan by Carlos Ghosn. Continue reading “Nissan Talks About What It Has In Store For Us”

Volkswagen Readies Are Going For The ID Saloon Concept

Volkswagen will complete a quartet of ID electric concepts later this year with the unveiling of a saloon, possibly at the Frankfurt show in September. It will join an ID SUV, set to be unveiled at the Shanghai show next month, alongside the already revealed ID Buzz MPV and ID hatchback. VW design chief Klaus Bischoff has promised a “surprise” for the saloon, which apparently prompted “wows” from his colleagues when they saw it for the first time. Continue reading “Volkswagen Readies Are Going For The ID Saloon Concept”

Revised S-Class Will Include Self-Driving Functions Too

The updated S-Class will spearhead Mercedes-Benz’s use of next-level autonomous technology by offering an extended range of driver assistance systems that will eventually feature on all of the company’s models. The new features include Active Distance, which can provide fully autonomous acceleration and braking within legal speed limits on a route programmed into the car’s upgraded navigation system. Continue reading “Revised S-Class Will Include Self-Driving Functions Too”

Kia Niro Hybrid


Say “KIA NIRO” three times quickly and it can sound like “Canyonero,” that fantastically flawed 35-seat sport-utility vehicle from The Simpsons, a vehicular ode to glorious excess gone awry. The new Niro is essentially the polar opposite of that—a lean, frugal wagonoid, albeit with a twist of the upright and rugged.

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Spyker Is Working On An Updated Hybrid SUV

Spyker Automotive is planning as many as four new cars over the next decade, including a petrol-electric super SUV and a cheaper six-cylinder sports car, as well as increasing production to 500 cars a year. The company, which recently revealed the Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder at the Geneva motor show, is now on a stable post-bankruptcy footing. It is based in the UK, builds cars in Coventry with CPP Manufacturing and is benefitting from the depressed value of the pound that all UK exporters are currently taking advantage of. Continue reading “Spyker Is Working On An Updated Hybrid SUV”

TVR’s New Coupe Leaves Its Customers Amazed

VR’s new super-sports coupe has been revealed at last-but only to the exclusive group of enthusiasts who have already agreed to buy one. The car, a 200mph, front-engined V8 two-seater, very much in character with the traditional Blackpool TVRs but entirely new from the ground up, is being unveiled in a series of secret launches at designer Gordon Murray’s HO near Guildford, Surrey. Continue reading “TVR’s New Coupe Leaves Its Customers Amazed”

 How Important Is MSO For The McLaren Customers?

MCLAREN SPECIAL Operations (MSO) is of growing significance within the company’s business activities as it seeks to increase the volume of personalisation and bespoke service it offers its customers. Ansar Ali, who joined McLaren Automotive last year, initially as motorsport director, heads the division. He’s a veteran of British sports car firms. Ali speaks of a common goal between himself and McLaren boss Mike Flewitt whereby the firm seeks to maintain as personal a relationship as possible with its customers. “People want to be closely associated to the brand and have a sense of belonging.” said Ali.

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Brand New McLaren F1 Offers Impressive Tech

McLaren has previewed the styling of its three-seat homage to the F1 road car for the first time. The new model will eclipse the PI as the most powerful road-legal McLaren yet when it arrives in 2019. The new model, codenamed BP23, will slot into McLaren’s Ultimate Series – the range-topping tier for its most exclusive models – and is billed as a ‘hyper-GT’. It will bring hybrid technology back to a McLaren for the first time since the P1, ahead of a roll-out of similar technology across its mainstream models in 2020. Continue reading “Brand New McLaren F1 Offers Impressive Tech”

McLaren BP23 Preview


What it is: Possible confirmation of the availability of high strength psychotropic drugs in the Woking area of England. The BP23 is a three-seat model inspired by the legendary McLaren F1, sharing that car’s central driving position and continent-crossing Grand Tourer brief. It’s the work of McLaren’s Special Operations (MSO) division, and all 106 have already been sold, despite a price tag of more than $2 million.

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Updated Luxury For A Perfect Ride

For the first time since it launched the i3 in 2014, BMW has revised its electric hatchback. It’s improved the city car’s performance and treated it to a new, more powerful battery, which has increased its range. Here we’re driving the Range Extender version of the i3, which has a 0.6-litre two-cylinder petrol engine working as a generator to provide back-up charging for the battery. Together, the engine and battery provide an official 276 miles of range, or around 231 miles in real-world driving. Continue reading “Updated Luxury For A Perfect Ride”