Chevrolet Master – 1934


The Chevy has always boon multi-marque General Motors’ best-selling brand in the USA, and the Master was an honorable contributor to this rule during the 1930s. This popular public choice replaced the Master Eagle in 1904 and came in various styles – a four-door limousine, four-door sedan, two-door coach and two-door convertible, though these dropheads … [Read more…]

Cadillac Sixty-Special – 1938


In the period when American automotive design was evolving from stuck-in-the-Depression-era styles towards the very different cars of the late 1940s, no vehicle was more influential in setting a new agenda than the Cadillac Sixty-Special. This derivative of the Series 60 entry-level Caddie was designed by Bill Mitchell, newly appointed head of styling at Cadillac … [Read more…]

Cadillac Sixteen – 1930

Cadillac sixteen-1930

During the 1930s the stately flagship of General Motors’ extensive empire was the Cadillac Sixteen, a luxury car aimed at America’s most status-conscious auto buyers. GM’s cunning plan got off to a great start at the beginning of the decade, but ended in tears.

Buick Century – 1936


1936 was a good year for Buick, with the entire model range being successfully redesigned by the brilliant Harley J Earl and relaunched with suggestive new names.

Buick Roadmaster – 1936


This is a respected name in US automotive history, for when Buick revamped its model range in 1936 as America started to emerge from the Great Depression, ‘Roadmaster’ was the title chosen for newcomers designed to replace the company’s former Series 80 model.

Bugatti Type 57 – 1934


This superb series was the first (and last) fruit of Bugatti’s decision to design a single chassis suitable for every body type, where previously there had been separate options for different styles of coach work. As a result, the Type 57 was fitted with a variety of bodies, though the factory only offered four options, … [Read more…]

Bugatti Type 55 – 1932


These fabulous machines are rare as hen’s teeth, so would-be pilots can only dream of taking to the road in one – but what a dream. Only 38 supercharged Bugatti Type 55s were ever made, over half of those in the launch year, 1932.

Bugatti Type 44 – 1927


Can the word ‘common’ be applied to any Bugatti? It seems insulting to tar this prestigious marque with such a mundane description, but if a Bugatti can ever be thus described it must, be the Type 44, because more of these popular vehicles were produced than any other type.

Bugatti Type 35 – 1924


Conceived by a brilliant Italian and built in France, this is the ultimate vintage racing car. The two-seater Bugatti Type 35 was certainly the most successful racer of all time, various models winning over two thousand races and establishing the marque’s mythical status.