BMW 3200 CS – 1962

BMW 3200 CS - 1962

Designed as the successor to the BMW 503, the exceedingly handsome 3200CS four-seat sports tourer was BMW’s top-range model in 1962. The body was designed and built by Italian car stylist Gruppo Bertone then freighted to BMW in Germany for mounting on the 503 chassis.

Aston Martin DB5 – 1963

Aston Martin DB5 - 1963

Possibly the most successful ever example of car product placement, the DB5 achieved film star status in its own right in the hands of Sean Connery as James Bond’s over-the-top set of wheels in the film Goldfinger.

Alvis TF21 – 1966

Alvis TF21 - 1966

Alvis had a ‘good’ World War II, switching from the specialist car market to the manufacture of aero engines thus ensuring a healthy profit. But the war had shaken up society, creating a more egalitarian climate in which the minority privilege of elite sports cars and luxury tourers had no place.

AMC AMX – 1968

AMC AMX - 1968

By the late 1960s the American Motor Company (AMC) was in deep trouble financially. It was the era of the ‘muscle car’, when Ford, General Motors and Chrysler were engaged in ferocious rivalry for market dominance. AMC didn’t have the resources to keep up with the Big Three but, in a last-ditch bid to snatch … [Read more…]

Alfa Romeo Spider Series I – 1966

Alfa Spider Series I - 1966

Made famous by Dustin Hoffman in the film The Graduate, the Spider was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966, just when the era of the ‘muscle car’ was reaching its height. Based on the chassis of the Giulia 105, a lightweight car with a powerful engine, it was designed and built by Battista … [Read more…]

Alpine A110 Berlinette – 1962

Alpine A110 Berlinette - 1962

The Alpine A 110 is the rally car par excellence, the embodiment of one man’s pioneer spirit and passionate dedication to the world of motor racing. Born in Dieppe in 1922, the son of a Renault engineer, Jean Redele grew up tinkering with cars and fascinated by the race track. He started to enter competitions … [Read more…]

AC Shelby Cobra – 1961

AC Shelby Cobra - 1961

One of the top 1960s sports cars, renowned for both speed and looks, the Cobra is a winning combination of lightweight British roadster and hefty high-torque American Ford V8 engine.

Volvo ‘Amazon’ 120 Series – 1956

Volvo 'Amazon' 120 Series - 1956

Arguably the car with which Volvo established its reputation as a manufacturer of safe, solid and attractive mid-range cars, the Amazon is perhaps the most famous and easily recognizable car that Volvo has ever produced.