De Tomaso Mangusta – 1967

De Tomaso Mangusta - 1967

It’s nearly as familiar a story as boy meets girl — racing driver decides to build ultimate roasters. And so it was when Argentinian racer Alejandro de Tomaso migrated from the USA to Italy with his American wife in the late 1950s. He played around with assorted racing cars but really wanted De Tomaso Automobili … [Read more…]

Daimler DS420 – 1968

Daimler DS420 - 1968

The venerable Daimler company had gone as an independent entity but the new owner – Jaguar- let the name live on. In 1968 the last ‘real’ Daimler – the stately DR450 limousine – was replaced by the Daimler DS420.

Chevrolet Camaro – 1967

Chevrolet Camaro - 1967

The Ford Mustang set the pony-car agenda at just the right time, when the Sheiks turned off the oil taps and gas guzzling became bad news, but Chevrolet’s response was swift and impressive. The Camaro followed the required long-bonnet-short-rear-deck pony-car principle, but its styling was in no way imitative and the new equine runner was … [Read more…]

Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 – 1965

Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 - 1965

In 1964 Chevrolet launched a new midline model – the Chevelle – which was destined to be a great success for parent General Motors. It also provided an opportunity to gatecrash the burgeoning muscle-car market, ignited by the concurrent appearance of the Pontiac GTO.

Cadillac Eldorado – 1967

Cadillac Eldorado - 1967

The Eldorado is an automotive institution, having been a stylish presence for the second half of the 20th century. The name appeared in 1953 and had covered a multitude of models before the last Eldorado rolled off the line in 2002. However, they all had one thing in common — they were Cadillac’s pampered playboys … [Read more…]

Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray – 1963

Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray - 1963

Chevy’s Corvette (designed by the legendary Harley Earl and launched in 1953) had been a sizzling success, but by the early 1960s a completely reworked model was in the pipeline. After an exhaustive design process the C2 (officially named the Corvette Sting Ray) took its first bow in 1963 — to thunderous applause.

Buick Special Skylark – 1961

Buick Special Skylark - 1961

You could base a social history on the Buick Special Skylark. It was conceived as a conventionally cynical exercise in the idiom of contemporary supermarket salesmanship. The Buick Special had performed reasonably well for the company, which wasn’t quite ready to launch a whole new series of models.

Buick Riviera – 1963

Buick Riviera - 1963

The Riviera was Buick’s answer to the Ford Thunderbird — a ‘personal luxury’ car that gave the Thunderbird its first real competition and became a long-running success story. The ‘Riviera’ tag had first been coined in 1949 to describe a two-door pillarless hardtop.

BMW 2002 – 1968

BMW 2002 - 1968

The 2002 is a seminal car. It not only saved BMW from insolvency but put the BMW marque on par with top German manufacturers like Volkswagen. The world (and especially the US) was already primed for high-powered but nimble small sports saloons and BMW filled the niche to perfection with the 2002.