Ford Zephyr Mark II

Ford Zephyr Mark II

By the middle of the 1950s Ford of Britain was reaching its industrial zenith. Success at every market level was maintained by constant innovation and improvement. With its Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac range, Ford had already struck gold in both sales and motorsport. A Mk I Zephyr (originally known as the Zephyr Six) had won the Monte Carlo … [Read more…]

Ford Thunderbird – 1955

Ford Thunderbird - 1955

Think the Pacific surf thundering in, and the Coast Highway glinting silver, snaking past the sun splashed canyons. The Thunderbird — the ‘T-Bird’ of legend — was born to the infectious upbeat of Jan & Dean and the Beach Boys, synonymous with youth and fun and the fulfilled promise of a comfortable post World War … [Read more…]

Fiat 500 – 1957


The Fiat 500 is art adorable bubble of a car conceived by a philosophy so successful that in 2007 it was relaunched in its umpteenth incarnation. The philosophy was originally dictated by post-World War II economics. Fiat took its prewar 500 (the ‘Topolino’, of 1936) and created the first true ‘city car’, capable (just) of … [Read more…]

Ferrari 410 Super America – 1957

Ferrari 410 Super America - 1957

Though Europe was still struggling back to its economic feet in the early 1950s, its enthusiasm for glamour was already shaping Ferrari’s success. Of course, only a chosen few, even among the wealthy, could hope to drive one of the stream of fabulous race and road cars the company produced; and most of them were … [Read more…]

Daimler SP250 (Dart) – 1959

Daimler SP250 (Dart) - 1959

Launched in New York as the Dart, Daimler’s first sports car was officially renamed the SP250 after Dodge claimed copyright. The car was a barefaced attempt to ride the wave of popularity for British sports cars in America, and it looked much more transatlantic than the Triumph or MG competitors on which its chassis was … [Read more…]

Citroen DS – 1955

Citroen DS - 1955-1

The debut of the Citroen DS series at the Paris Salon in 1955 was sensational. Some humorously suggested Flaminio Bertoni’s design was so futuristic that aliens must have invaded his drawing office and sketched out a 23rd-century machine, but the point was well made.

Chevrolet Nomad – 1955

Chevrolet Nomad - 1955

In most series that feature coupes and convertibles, these are the most sought-after body styles. But one exception to the rule is the famous Chevy Nomad, described by one authority as ‘the prettiest station wagon ever made’. This may display just a trace of hyperbole, but there’s no doubting the enduring appeal of this handsome … [Read more…]