Mercedes-Benz 600 – 1963

Mercedes-Benz 600 - 1963

A newly minted Merc hit the road in 1963, specifically designed to compete with Rolls-Royces and the finest top-of-the-range American limousines. The Mercedes-Benz 600 was a large, luxurious car that was intended to be chauffeur driven, as most models had a powered divider window that separated the driver and passenger compartments.

Mercedes-Benz 230 SL – 1963


The racing-derived Mercedes 300SL coupe with gullwing doors was the must-have sports car of the mid-1950s. It was the first of the SL (Sport Leicht = Light Sports) class that has continued to the present day, though subsequent SLs haven’t quite recaptured the glamour of the sensually rounded 300SL – also offered as a roadster … [Read more…]

Mazda Cosmo 110S – 1967

Mazda Cosmo 110S - 1967

The one manufacturer to make a real go of the rotary engine originally designed by Felix Wankel was Mazda, and the Japanese company’s first rotary-engined car was the Cosmo 110S, a GT car intended to headline the company’s drive into mass-market car production.

Maserati Ghibli – 1966

Maserati Ghibli - 1966

Maserati quit racing in the 1950s to concentrate on producing road cars, but failed to come up with a real winner until the mid-1960s. But the debut of the fabulous Ghibli coupe at the Turin Motor Show in 1966 changed all that.

Marcos 1800 GT – 1963

Marcos 1800 GT - 1963

The Marcos biography covers a succession of bankruptcies interrupted by interesting cars, starting with the company’s foundation in 1959 by Frank Costin and Jem Marsh. Their first effort was a GT that appeared in 1960 with then-fashionable gullwing doors and an odd four-piece windscreen.

Lotus Elan – 1962

Lotus Elan - 1962

The Lotus Elan roadster was a welcome debutant in 1962 — welcome to the manufacturer because it replaced the expensive-to-build Elite and welcomed by sporting drivers who appreciated performance-packed possibilities. It was even embraced by those who weren’t minted but could wield a mean spanner, as the Elan was initially offered in kit form like … [Read more…]

Lancia Fulvia – 1963

Lancia Fulvia - 1963

The 1963 Geneva Motor Show saw the introduction of a car that would win its spurs in the competitive world of international rallying and enjoy long life and considerable fortune as a road car. But for all that it couldn’t prevent its parent from being consumed by Fiat in 1969, though happily the proud Lancia … [Read more…]

Lamborghini Espada S1 – 1968

Lamborghini Espada S1 - 1968

Long, wide and low are three words that spring to mind when describing the Lambo Espada S1 sports coupe that lit up the latter part of the 1960s, before the S2 and S3 versions carried the Espada through most of the 1970s. This typically Latin Grand Tourer was based on Lamborghini’s Marzal concept car, designed … [Read more…]

Lamborghini Miura – 1966

Lamborghini Miura - 1966

If Ferrari hadn’t already received a wakeup call, the arrival of Lamborghini Miura must have rattled Maranello’s rafters. When it first appeared in 1965 at the Turin Motor Show the Miura was just a bare chassis — but that didn’t stop wealthy aficionados putting down deposits without knowing precisely (or even vaguely) what form their … [Read more…]