Oldsmobile Starfire – 1961

Oldsmobile Starfire - 1961

The Starfire was a futuristic 1953 Olds concept car that never made it into production, though the name was then used for the most expensive Oldsmobiles of the 1950s — Model 98 Starfire convertibles. It was not until 1961 that the name borrowed from a Lockheed jet fighter plane was used for a stand-alone line.

NSU Ro80 – 1967

NSU Ro80 - 1967

Having pioneered use of the revolutionary Wankel rotary engine in the Wankelspider roadster, NSU hoped to make a killing by producing a passenger car that would take full advantage of this exclusive engine. The result was the Ro80.

NSU Wankel Spider – 1964

NSU Wankel Spider - 1964

The long-established NSU car company was sold to Fiat in the 1930s, but the name was revived in World War II for production of the SdKfz 2, better known as the Kettenkrad — a small half-tracked all-terrain vehicle with a motorcycle front end.

Morgan Plus 8 – 1968

Morgan Plus 8 - 1968

Some people just refuse to move with the times — and thank goodness for that. At least so say the fans (there are many) of the Morgan Motor Company. Founded in 1909, Morgan is based in rural Worcestershire and hand-assembles fine British sports cars that are so coveted that there is inevitably a (sometimes lengthy) … [Read more…]

MGC – 1967

MGC - 1967

Mechanically speaking, the MGC’s biography is not really so very different from the heart-warming MGB story, for the two models appear to be identical. But that superficial likeness conceals considerable differences. Produced for just three years (1967 to 1969), the MGC was more than a performance-enhanced MGB fitted with a 2.9 litre straight six. It … [Read more…]

MGB – 1962

MGB - 1962

The rather voluptuous lines of the MGA were starting to look dated as the Swinging Sixties dawned, but the British Motor Corporation was ready with one of its few great success stories – the MGB. This brilliant sports car with its clean lines would be around for nearly twenty years and well over half a … [Read more…]

Mercury Marauder – 1969

Mercury Marauder - 1969

The Marauder name appealed to the good folk at Mercury, for they chose it for the big Ford engines the company used in the 1960s. Suitably enthused, they also applied the name to some early 1960s fastback versions of the Monterey, Montclair and Park Lane models. And in 1969 they went all the way, launching … [Read more…]

Mercury Cougar – 1967

Mercury Cougar - 1967

Blessed was the carmaker who invented a niche market which proved incredibly profitable. In the early 1960s that left Ford smirking, for their Mustang had become the first ponycar. This had involved the creation of a stylish compact capturing the free ‘n’ easy spirit of the age at an affordable price.

Mercury Monterey Custom S-55 – 1962

Mercury Monterey Custom S-55 - 1962

Ford’s entry-level luxury marque was missing something, and the wide, long low, well-chromed Mercury Monterey Custom S-55 arrived in mid-1962 to rectify the omission. The general intention was to grab a piece of the action that was developing around sportier models in the early ’60s and the particular task was socking it to the successful … [Read more…]

Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 – 1969

Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 - 1969

The super-luxurious 280 SE 3.5 made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1969, giving convincing evidence of the Stuttgart company’s increasing self-confidence as it advanced towards major international status by offering its first V-powered sporty car.