AC Shelby Cobra – 1961

AC Shelby Cobra - 1961

One of the top 1960s sports cars, renowned for both speed and looks, the Cobra is a winning combination of lightweight British roadster and hefty high-torque American Ford V8 engine.

Volvo ‘Amazon’ 120 Series – 1956

Volvo 'Amazon' 120 Series - 1956

Arguably the car with which Volvo established its reputation as a manufacturer of safe, solid and attractive mid-range cars, the Amazon is perhaps the most famous and easily recognizable car that Volvo has ever produced.

Volkswagen Type 2 (Camper) – 1950

Volkswagen Camper 1950

The Type 2 KombinatiornsKraftWagen or ‘Kombi’ was originally intended as a utilitarian commercial transporter for the numerous new business enterprises that sprang up after World War II. It was built on a modified Type 1 (Beetle) platform and almost as soon as it was introduced it became clear there was a market for a passenger … [Read more…]

Vauxhall PA Cresta – 1957

Vauxhall PA Cresta - 1957

Few cars are so evocative of Britain’s late 50s obsession with American culture as the PA range. The introduction of the PA Cresta was the culmination of several years’ gradual Americanization of the Vauxhal marque and the drift away from the small-car market with which it had been associated in the prewar years.

Triumph TR2 – 1953

Triumph TR2 - 1953

The Triumph TR2 was a triumph of willpower. The forerunner of one of Britain’s most successful sports car series, it was created by Sir John Black, head of the Standard Motor Company and of Triumph. Standard had supplied engines to the fledgling Jaguar Company, and Black desperately wanted to share or compete with Jaguar’s success.

Tatra 603 – 1955

Tatra 603 - 1955

Throughout the 1930s and 1940s Tatra cars were celebrated for their exceptionally slippery streamlining, accentuated by the often huge and always bizarre dorsal fin on the car’s sloping rear. After nationalization in 1948, the Czech company’s car production was run down until it was left with nothing but trucks.

Studebaker Golden Hawk – 1956

Studebaker Golden Hawk - 1956

The Studebaker Starlight and Starliner coupes of 1953 were among America’s most beautiful cars. Low on the ground, sleek and fast, they were designed by Raymond Loewy, a hero of contemporary US auto engineering. Three years later and still guided by Loewy’s ideas, including the fabulous 1955 Studebaker President Speedster, they became the basis of … [Read more…]

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II – 1959

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II - 1959

The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II is the last of the illustrious marque of which the motoring world could agree: ‘This is the best car in the world’. It performed better than any previous Rolls-Royce; and every model that followed (starting with the re-styled Silver Cloud III) marked a further compromise on a long road to … [Read more…]