New Porsche Panamera – Will Porscheist Love It Now?

Although we have always cheered for the Panarnera, the first series of the Stuttgart sedan had not received unanimous approval, especially among those that already had a 911 or a close relative of the evervthing-rear in the garage.

Passed the “shock” of the four doors and the rear hatch and the meters of extra length, they many have turned their noses in front of the diesel engines, but they are exceptionally bright and fuel-efficient.

2017 is the year of the new model which surprises since the first images of its presentation in Berlin, thanks to a significantly updated and refreshed look, which now makes it look like a sort of 991 limo, but in perfect harmony with the fact that it is designed for those who need space and load capacity as well as to grind km, maybe on a long strip of motorway.

If we tell you that the Panamera is all new, you have to really believe it. Staying on the aesthetic side, we see indeed a tail very close to that of the 911, while the front end is more aggressive but kept the line with what we already know well. More uniform and homogeneous and then, while inside the cabin is also updated, presenting especially the new infotainment system, a larger central display and a display on the rear tunnel, which will entertain the two occupants in the back, you’ll enjoy driving one of the best-performing sedans ever built.


The engine argument is rightly longer, and as the only ones who have yet to come are the hybrid plug-in and the performing GTS and Turbo S, we know that the CC less will neither affect the absolutely exceptional figures as they state on the technical charts, so close to those of a sports car rather than a 2 tons saloon.

The 4S has a 2.9 6-cylinder capable of delivering 440hp, which allows it to take from 0 to 100 in 4.2 (with the Sport Chrono Pack) and reach a maximum speed of 289 per hour. The big diesel 4.0 V8 has 422hp and also provides unthinkable numbers for a diesel engine: 4.3 for the 0-100 kph and about 270kph top speed. Sports enthusiasts will opt for the Turbo version, at the moment the most extreme, riding a 4.0cc V8 engine with 550hp and allowing you to burn the 0-100 in just 3.8 seconds and to reach easily 307 kph! One of the most powerful sedans? Yes. One of the best sedans? Yes, and we had no doubt ‘bout that.


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