New Ferrari Has More Than An Aerodynamic Look

FERRARI has revealed the Portofino, a new ‘entry-level’ GT designed to replace the California T. It will make its debut at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The Portofino features more power, a new, lighter chassis and more aerodynamic body work than the outgoing California T. Under the bonnet sits the same 3.9-litre turbo V8 found in the car’s predecessor, but tweaked with new engine management software and a host of new components, including new pistons, con rods and a redesigned intake system. The V8 now produces 592bhp, an increase of 40bhp.

The additional power means a tenth of a second has been shaved from the car’s 0-62mph time; it will now complete the dash in 3.5 seconds, while the top speed is claimed to be in excess of 199mph. Ferrari says an updated variable boost management system means improved acceleration across the rev band, plus lower fuel consumption than before. Ferrari’s latest-generation electronic rear differential, dubbed E-Diff3, is fitted. The Portofino is also the first GT in the line-up to come with electronic power steering, while the suspension has been updated in a bid to reduce body roll and improve damping.

The new model introduces the brand’s latest design ethos to the starting point of the range. The front end is more aggressive, with 488 GTB-inspired LED headlights, while angled cuts and lines sculpt the car’s sides. A new diffuser and tail-lamp set-up feature at the back Inside is a new 10.2-inch touchscreen, a GTC 4 Lusso-style passenger infotainment panel, a revised steering wheel and new seats. It remains a compact 2+2, but the firm says the revamped front seatbacks offer more legroom than before.

Ferrari has not yet issued prices or a release date for the Portofino, but we should hear more when the car makes its full debut on the stand in Germany.

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