Morgan EV3 – Electric Engine Same Classy Style

The first all-electric series-production Morgan has arrived in the shape of the new EV3 at the Geneva show. Based on the successful 3 Wheeler sports car, the EV3 swaps the 3 Wheeler’s 80bhp V-twin engine for a 62bhp electric motor. It is fed by a lithium battery and promises a range of 150 miles.

Despite the addition of an electric powertrain, the EV3 weighs less than 500kg. Part of that saving is thanks to new lightweight carbonfibre composite body panels. Morgan says the new car can reach 62mph in less than 9.0sec and hit a top speed of more than 90mph. By comparison, the petrol-powered 3 Wheeler reaches 62mph in 8.0sec.

The interior of the EV3 features a classic ‘magneto’ switch for drive selection, a digital screen and wood, brass and polished aluminium trim. Morgan says the new EV3 will be priced “comparably” with the 3 Wheeler, which currently starts at £25,950. Also on display in Geneva is a special 80th anniversary edition of Morgan’s staple 4/4. Having been launched in 1936, the 4/4 is billed as the longest-running production car in the world. The special edition features solid wheels, bespoke paintwork, a side exit sports exhaust, new exterior details and new personalisation options.

Morgan 4/4 80th Anniversary

Morgan 4/4 80th Anniversary

Just 80 examples will be made, with prices starting at £39,996.

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