More Skodas Could Have Their Own vRS

skoda-vrs-mainSkoda’s research and development boss has said he’d like to develop a high- performance Kodiaq SUV, but admits that a vRS version hasn’t yet been signed off.

The vRS accounts for around 20 per cent of Octavia sales in the UK, but Skoda has underplayed the performance brand since dropping the Fabia vRS. However, R&D chief Christian Strube has confirmed that a Superb vRS is likely to appear above the Sportline version in the range. He also said he’d like to follow it up with a faster Kodiaq.


Skoda Superb Sportline

“l see more scope for vRS,” said Strube. It’s good for us, because it means we’re selling more high-end cars. vRS is extremely successful and I would like to extend that portfolio to other models.”


Skoda Kodiaq

“The Octavia vRS is a good brand messenger for 5koda. So now we’re discussing about how to make a vR5 version of the Superb, and I would also like to have a vRS on the Kodiaq. The technical development team Is fighting for this.” However, CO2 targets could put the brakes on the project, “Even if some of the models were faster diesels, they would still emit more than [Skoda’s 95g/km average CO2 target] – so we have to see.”


The new Skoda Octavia RS

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