Mercedes GLE 450 Coupe

What would a T-rex make of the new GLE Coupe? After all, the 1997 blockbuster Jurassic Park introduced the ML to the dinosaur, which stalked (who can forget those heart-pounding ripples?) in the shadows before counting its prey through the panoramic roof.

The ML is now the GLE for reasons that win give Merc’s proliferating SUV range a common thread, and GLE Coupe an athletic version that has sniffing T-rex taking bites of thin air.

But Merc has been doing its own hunting of sorts, ever since the BMW X6 came into existence, so little surprise the design parity is more than a little coincidental.

Who pulls it off better is a fiercely fought subject of personal taste, but the Merc gene-splices G-Class weapons-grade armour with barmy AMG pavement skills to conquer all fields.


The zenith of its engine and gearbox is unlocked in Sport+ mode, which also sets its stance closer to the road. Here, GLE S cooks rapid quantities of fossil fuel deep in its V8 belly, making it a threat to things with less than half the abilities all the way up to 280km/h. There are other engines, too, but you’ll be looking over your shoulder…


3.0-litre 6-cyl turbocharged


0-100km/h: 5.7 seconds

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