Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe – Technically Not a Gap

But Mercedes fills it anyway, just in case there’s someone out there wanting a sleeker GLCmercedes-glc-coupe

Mercedes’ New GLC Coupe is proof that cohesively-styled models can exist in the fledgling Sport Coupility Vehicle segment, although that coupe moniker remains a misnomer – think of this GLC as a slinkier, but still high-rise, fastback iteration of its estate-alike sibling and you’re about there.

Despite the elegantly tapering tail, there’s a decent amount of headroom for taller adults in the back but it’s the boot that makes the GLC Coupe the less family-friendly option. At 500 litres its capacity is only 50 down compared with its SUV twin, which sounds barely compromised on paper, but half of that volume lurks beneath the removable boot floor, leaving a shallow deck with a high loading lip for normal use.

mercedes-glc-coupeThere’s no slick, Audi TT-style tailgate-mounted luggage cover either – instead you’re left faffing with a recalcitrant roller blind that’s unwilling to hook over its retaining lugs. Gordon Burns should commentate during its use…

Sportier in ethos, the GLC Coupe comes with stiffer standard suspension, although the optional air springs should be at the summit of your extra-cost wish list. Its Sport setting strikes a fine balance of cosseting comfort and body control, with a decent amount of communication about what’s going on beneath you.

Most popular is expected to be the venerable 2.1-litre diesel in more powerful GLC250d form – there’s a punchier 254bhp GLC350d, but while its V6 smoothness is appreciated, the extra oomph’s barely worth it. Await the AMGs for pacier performance.

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