Mercedes-Benz Gives the Crossover a Style Makeover – Mercedes Benz GLA Class

Uncommon Sense

Crossovers are the most logical consumer vehicles on the road. From solid fuel efficiency to decent cargo space, the CUV is designed for utility. Unfortunately, no man wants to be remembered for his utility, and this truth has made these intelligent choices the last resort among male car buyers.

Enter the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA class, an attempt at sexy sensibleness. The curves and cues of the GLA mimic M-B’s recent, fluid car designs more than its trapezoidal trucks.



Engine: Two-liter turbo four
HP: 208
Torque: 258 foot-pounds
0 to 60: 7.1 seconds

The suits have smartly opted to label this fresh little star a compact SUV rather than the dreaded C word, a stance we’ll co-sign thanks to the ute’s sport-minded stance and quick, nimble athletiscism.

Powered by a standard 208 hp turbo four-cylinder engine, the all-wheel-drive GLA250 sprints to 60 mph in a touch more than seven seconds and has the ability-via ECO start-stop technology-to cut off at red lights, saving its energy (and your money) for the long haul.

If that’s too rational, upgrade to the AMG-tuned variant, which pumps
gla-interior355 horses and 332 foot-pounds of torque out of the same engine configuration and luxe trimmings (burled walnut, poplar wood), depending on how many option boxes you’re willing to check.


Mercedes-Benz GLA AMG


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