Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Brabus

Think at your favorite dessert. The one that except for your mother, no one is able to do that way. Well, that kind of sinful dish is represented in the cars world by the AMG GT S, one of the most sensational sports cars that have ever left tire ruts with parallel autographs on the asphalt.


After all its no surprise, when you have available a twin-turbo V8 that discharges serious power on the rear axle, a luxurious interior and a dress that looks stitched by the All-Star Team of the best tailoring masters in the world.


AMG is like a drug, the sound that comes out of the exhaust of any of its creatures is like a siren song – it attracts you and then takes you with it, for a one way trip, especially if you have little gas in the tank. Try then to imagine if this exceptional cluster of sensory ecstasy (and engineering one) were reworked and refined by the specialist of the three-pointed star enhancement: Brabus.


As I left to guess, the AMG GT S signed by the German tuner that for decades deals mainly with Mercedes performance models, it is a pleasure squared, mainly due to the fact that the recipe for that favorite dessert has not been torn apart, but only taken and flow further on, both in the performance scale and for its the visual side. The AMG GT S in question was revealed at the end of last year and thanks to a strengthening of its V8, delivers the round figure of 600hp. The maximum torque is 750Nm and of course all this Gods sorcery is powering only the rear wheels and through the phenomenal 7-speed automatic g’box we already know.

But if at a mechanical level there is a different mapping of the gearbox, new lowered and stiffened suspension useful to underline the sporty nature here without affecting ride comfort, and a new titanium sports exhaust system with an even more generous sound in terms of decibels, aesthetically the Brabus version will be recognizable by the new forged 20” wheels at front and 21” at the rear, which perfectly fill the wheel arches.


To give it a further aggressive look we find new side skirts, a rear diffuser that houses the four tail pipes and a spoiler on the trunk, which recalls that at front, which is also useful for further lower the ride height. Each spoiler can be optioned glossy or matte, at your discretion, just as the choice for the interior finishes.


Talking instead of those ingredients that will print you an even bigger smile on your face, the 4.0cc twin turbo V8 has been boosted by 97 horsepower if compared to the base model – certainly not easy stuff, especially if you keep in mind that the rear end already loved to widen out of the corners. Performance thus translate into 3.6 seconds for the 0-100 kph and 320 kph of top speed, all in perfect suppleness.


Elegant, sensual, angry – the Brabus AMG GT S is the perfect dish to finish a meal and the most appropriate to begin a struggle for survival. Tamable only provided you accept to come to terms as far as driving it fast, it does not betray or stab, but do not think you are the master of the situation, or you might end up with a handful of dust in hands. Again Brabus has put its signature in the best way possible, creating a more powerful and responsive version of the already perfect GT S.

There was little to do and would have been pretty darn easy to make a misstep here. It did not happen and we are kissing perfection. In the true sense of the word – Smack!


Layout: front-engined, rear-wheel driver
Engine: V8 cyl 3.982cc – twin-turbo
Transmission: 7-speed automatic gearbox
Power: 600hp @ 750 Nm
Weight: 1570 kg
Acceleration: 3.6sec
Top Speed: 320 kph
Price: from 249.000€

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