Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 4Matic Answers Us To Some Tricky Questions


1. Since when have AMG cars been all-wheel-drive?

Since now. The fastest new E-class of all sends its considerable power to both ends, with torque-managing tech shuffling twist from AMG’s now- familiar 4.0 twin- turbo V8 between the front and rear axles to practically any degree.

2. How much power a re we talking about?

In the base E63 model, 563bhp and 553lb ft; in the top-shelf S version, 604bhp and 627lb ft. Both are capable of 0-62mph in 3.5sec or less, and can exceed 186mph. Never has the term ‘supersaloon’ been more appropriate.

3. All-wheel-drive means an end to sideways tomfoolery, then?

Perish the thought. Activate the standard-fit ‘Drift Mode’ (been reading any Ford brochures recently, Merc?) and the E63 becomes purely rear-wheel-drive. BMW’s new M5, due 2017, will also be all-wheel-drive.

4. When can I buy one?

January 2017, with deliveries mid-year. An estate version will arrive a few months down the line. No official word on pricing yet, but don’t expect much movement from the outgoing E63 model’s £75k list, with a hefty premium for the ‘S’ version.

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