McLaren 570s Is a Big Goosebumps Provider

Huge, showing off in the middle of the di- splay behind the steering wheel, the number of the gear engaged, while my ears nourish that bang emitted by the double exhaust at the back, immersed in the beautiful and functio­nal carbon fiber diffuser. If they asked me to describe the 570S in one word, I think I would end for hours in search for something that can translate the idea of its power, the ease with which it treats you, and that visceral need to fill the tank and drive. I do not want to stop driving for no reason, but only try to live a lifetime experience that will make 3/4 of the cars I will try for the rest of my life, only opaque dots.


Those who accuse cars of not having a soul have never driven a 570S. And certainly they have never done it in the ideal context, that personally – and this is a purely subjective argument – confirmed to me that one can bring a car to its mechanical limit between the curbs, but the emotional side is different and it must be found on an adequate road, where the V8 roar is bounced off the rocks, where the maddest grip search turns into yourself dancing with the devil, two millimeters over the white strip that delimits the road from a blind jump in the sea.

My driving nirvana has a well-outlined appearance and only waited for the right car to be able to give birth to my personal Armageddon, a fatal battle between the desi­re to push me beyond the threshold of what is possible and the providential brake of my self-preservation. An orange and carbon flash that stops just to drink 100 octane, with those huge tires that as they heat more and more, they demand to be manhandled – and that marriage between chassis, engine, gearbox, brakes – inexplicably without the slightest uncertainty.

My body asks for a break and as the car comes out victorious again, I jump off never tired of such beauty, I begin to try to assimilate the fact of being so damn lucky. Days spent at the Offi­ce until late at night, sacrifices, an unspecified number of nights passed awake, but the result is that I can stand up in the morning and do what for me represents the most beautiful job in the world.

The luck of meeting fantastic people and the urge to always improve myself, in a race to a summit that does not exist, because infinity is the path of those pursuing professional satisfaction. And then you have days like these, which make you go to bed with tired legs, but with a relaxed face – days that will re- main indelible in my mind and heart.


Just as the feeling of being in the middle of a corner and having the opportunity to wonder if sin- king the right foot or not – in that moment I decide to dare and the 570S takes me out as if it were on a track, transforming something already exciting in an extreme gambling – just like playing all your savings on a single number at the casino. Let’s see the result, you win a mountain of money and keep playing and playing again. McLaren is your personal blind goddess, as long as you have at least € 190,000 – yes, because despite being part of the Sport Series and representing what is probably the best four-wheeled rocket below € 200,000, we are not talking about cheap stuff. It would be good for me to sell the house, and at that point I would still have some coins left useful for going for the Bowers & Wilkins audio system and for some carbon fiber appendages. But did I mention the paddles behind the wheel?

Lar­ge, heavy and able to climb up and down even with the steering wheel turned upside down, because thanks to the experience acquired by the brand (also in motorsport), depending on the positioning of the hands, you can pull or push in order to select the previous or next gear.

So much dedication, so much sophistication to that particular that is able to make the difference, could only be translated into an object of desire, that collective desire that arose at the sight of a couple of doors that open upwards and, like falling in the arms of your eternal love, welcome you to a world that is worth living. The 570S is divine, adore it.

mclaren-570s-4MCLAREN 570S (2017 )

Layout: mid-rear engine, rear wheel drive
Engine: V8 cylinder 3799cc – twin-turbo
Transmission: 7-speed automatic gearbox
Power: 570 hp @ 7400 rpm
601 Nm @ 5000-6500 rpm
Weight: 1.313 kg
Acceleration: 3,2 sec.
Top Speed: 328 kph
Price: from € 190.000

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