McLaren 570GT Is Brilliant

Month three of life with the 570GT, and being a generous and benevolent dictator (but mostly because I had to travel to LA and Korea for business) I took the opportunity to allow a trusted few to prise the keys from my hands. Returning from my travels and with the mileage now reading 4,235 it was clear that the car had been busy.

But the problem with lending your latest (temporary) prized possession to others is that they can tend to be a little critical. Both Ollie and Rowan came back from their forays in the GT hugely impressed with its ability to cover distance and act as a GT with particular praise for its civility and lack of road noise at speed – this is due to the increased sound deadening and bespoke “quieter” tyres.

Both liked the way the GT changes character depending on your mode selection and its ability to generate positive attention with its looks.

But both felt that the qualities we admire from a GT perspective remove some of the emotional engagement from the supercar experience, and that the car’s capabilities mean that only at truly antisocial speeds does the GT manage to deliver the visceral thrills they were looking for.

I get that, but if that’s what you’re looking for, then buy the S. Of more concern was both had issues with the IRIS infotainment crashing and the car failing to start – an intermittent issue I’ve noticed once before. So it’s back to McLaren for a check-up.

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