Maybach Goes to Great Lengths

This Pebble Beach-storming monster is called Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 because it’s almost, but strangely not quite, 6 m long

maybach-pebble-beachIf you don’t want to be noticed, don’t walk into the room on stilts wearing a wizard’s robe and a hat that lights up. Maybach, to judge by this extraordinary gullwinged coupe, wants to be noticed. Channelling the streamliner aero coupes of the last century – and with more than a nod to the equally gauche Exelero of 2004 – the Maybach 6 is both a technology mule and a massively in-yer-face brand statement.

What it is not, however, is 6m long. Technically it should be called the Maybach 5.7, but that veers dangerously close to the unloved Maybach 57 limo, which was humanely put down in 2011. As well as being 5.7m long, it’s 2.1m wide and just 1.3m tall, hence the aero-free cigar shape.

maybach-vision-6Under a bonnet large enough to land a helicopter on there’s a 550kW electric motor, producing the equivalent of 750bhp with the help of batteries packing 80kWh of capacity. Absurd though the idea of nailing this piece of sculpture on an actual road might be, they say you could achieve 62mph in under 4sec and 155mph quite soon after that. More pertinently perhaps, the EV range is touted as 300 miles – more than most Maybachs past ever eked from a tank of fossil juice.

The cabin is home to some crack-pipe futurism, including some really nosey seats that cool you down if you’re hot, and change the lighting to match your trousers. The virtual instru­ments are full Minority Report, with the whole screen a transpar­ent display onto which clocks and nav-driven intel are projected.

The wraps came off the Maybach 6 at Pebble Beach (where it was probably considered understated) but don’t wait for it to arrive on the A428 anytime soon. A Maybach coupe of some kind, however, is rumoured to be on its way in 2017.

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