Mahindra Mojo Bike

A sports scrambler in the form of a tourer. This naked bike from Mahindra Two Wheelers has more oompf than Austin Powers. Maybe that’s why it’s called the Mojo.

There are many things which lead to a bike finally getting a shape. Since the dawn of 2014, when I first heard the name of Mahindra Mojo, I was waiting for it to show up. And finally it did. Since the first model showcased in 2010 to finally launching the bike in 2015, Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited did all their homework over the years. Before seeing the light of the day, test riders were given the bike to test it on diverse Indian roads and climate conditions that could challenge its build, and not to mention the limits that experienced bikers and tourers would take it to.

The First Look

After weeks of nail biting suspense, there it was in my parking space. I was excited as anyone could be and the look of the bike made me leap astride and jam the keys in the finely-placed lock on the tank. As I switched the ignition on and gently squeezed the clutch to rev the bike up, there was a bubbly rumble in the neighbourhood. A pleasant surprise. The twin gold tubes of the exhausts is now the signature style of Mahindra and unlike the Centuro, the yellow pipes in the Mojo are an integral part of the chassis that supports the fuel tank.


The handlebar, grip and switches are all at a comfortable distance and the speedometer is impressive too. A side stand reminder, two-trip meters, clock, and a special feature of recording the top speed means that you can’t lie to your girl about how fast you’re going. A LED light that follows the tachometer is a striking feature of the bike. The dual headlamps are powered by a battery which is electronically disabled when the engine is turned off. From the rear, the twin exhaust gave an impression of double the rumble, but according to Mahindra, it is more of a style statement than an actual, functional requirement.

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