Koenigsegg Agera XS

Based and closely linked to the phenomenal Agera RS, the new XS is the next step on the evolutionary path of the beloved eggs! It features the same twin-turbo 5.0cc V8 with 1.160hp and 1.280Nm of torque, obviously distributed on the rear axle only, but it appears to our eyes with a further refined aerodynamic kit, not only to satisfy the aesthetic, but also the functionality of the new appendages. The rear spoiler is for example the largest ever mounted on a Koenigsegg and according to his father and founder Christian Von Koenigsegg, it has been made on the request of customers who have already made sure to get one of these babies in their garage.


Another aspect that can’t help but pick up our consensus is the chromatic pattern, the orange (Karosserie Orange) joining bare carbon fiber closely recalling the Auto Class logo. The same pattern is found inside, where we are greeted by the well-known futuristic cockpit, at the same time extremely comfortable and sporty. A sure candidate for the top 5 of every car guy, no doubt. And in case you have some extra cash …



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