It’s Here! LaFerrari Spider

It will be officially released at the Paris Motor Show in September and we still do not know exactly what will be its final name.

But Spider or Aperta, it does not matter, since the LaFerrari with a removable roof will be one of the craziest cars of all time and now will allow you to lose your hair due to the effect that the wind will have on your head, once you’ll unleash the 800hp out of its V12, always mated to the 163hp of the electric unit.


In this case, the shell has been reinforced and the aerodynamics modified, in order to enable the same performance of the version with solid roof, while the main difference, that of the canvas roof for the note, will allow you to remove the panel and store it in the garage. However, having a rear structure that reminds of a Targa, which in addition to limiting the cockpit turbulence at high speeds, ensures rigidity of the car body, not so different if compared to what usually happens in the transition from a coupe to a roadster body.


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