Mazzanti Millecavalli – Italian’s Most Powerful Car Ever

Its name says it all: Millecavalli = 1,000 horsepower!

This is the latest and long-awaited creation of the small Italian factory, the most powerful Italian supercar ever produced, and knowing that it is born from the passion of a family of dreamers, it does nothing but make it even more special.


We met these guys at Top Marques, no more than a couple of months ago, and they told us that for the “Parco del Valentino” event they would have released something great, something that would have put the Tuscan atelier on the center stage, and above all, that would definitely consecrated them among the big names, along with Pagani, just to mention one wrhich has created its own strength, to the sound of passion, performance and ambition.

The Millecavalli will be produced in only 25 units and has a 7.2cc V8, assembled directly in house, which will allow it to deliver l.000hp and thus offer true hypercars performance: 2.7 seconds for the 0-100 kph and a top speed of about 400 per hour! Rear wheel drive of course, while the powerful engine is mated to a 6-speed sequential gearbox, while through the use of lightweight composite materials, the weight does not exceed 1,300 kg. And then, great attention to detail, as usual when it comes to excellence that produce handcrafted every single car that then puts on the road. Something tells us that in the coming months we will deepen widely our relationship with this rising star.


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