Infiniti QX Sport Takes The First Step Towards The Variable-Compression Engine

Infiniti’s forthcoming QX50 suv is likely to feature groundbreaking tech in the shape of the world’s first production variable-compression engine.

Although Infiniti is remaining tight-lipped about the new powerplant parent company Nissan’s global website confirms that it has been working on the technology, with the intention of it delivering the performance of a turbocharged sports car but with much better economy.


QX Sport Inspiration points to forthcoming QX50 SUV

The tech works by altering the volume of the combustion chamber between the top and bottom piston positions. This gives different compression ratios: a low ratio brings better performance, a high ratio superior fuel economy.

The new QX50 will follow the styling seen on the brand’s QX Sport Inspiration concept and is set to showcase a new interior design for Infiniti.


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