I Want To Believe – Alfa Romeo 1900 C52 Disco Volante Touring Spider

Early ‘50s. Aftermath of the Second World War is felt in diametrically opposite ways. Time to rebuild, people was beginning to breathe the air of freedom and everyone was properly focused, but there was also those who still picked up the pieces and tried in every way to revive their business, their work, their lives.

Sport had finally confirmed its return in peoples lives and Alfa Romeo was experiencing a crucial period of its history: after winning the first two World Championships in Formula 1, the first year with Nino Farina and the following with the legendary Fangio, decides (also for economic reasons) to focus on the production of cars with smaller engines, ideal to be used in other categories, such as the International Touring Championship and the Sports Series. Hence it was born the 1900 TI (for the first one) and the so-called C52 (for the second).


Architects of a similar work were the members of a team of great masters, from Gioacchino Colombo and Carlo Chiti, who managed to get out from this 2 liter, the beauty of 158hp, while the chassis was entrusted to the Turin specialists Carrozzeria Touring, experts in terms of production of lightweight chassis, but rigid enough to withstand the stresses of the world of racing.

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