How to prove your love? Buy her a new car: choosing the right wheels for your loved one

“What to buy her for a birthday, wedding, or dating anniversary gift?” – This question bothers millions of men every single day. Some buy flowers, others choose new food processors, washing machines, or smartphones, but the best present one can come up with is a new car. But among hundreds of types and models, it’s hard to make the right choice.

There are many stereotypes about women’s cars. It’s believed that ladies prefer small ones. But sometimes women are worried not only about the looks of the vehicle but also about engine specifications and other serious stuff. So in this article, we’ll tell you how to choose the right auto for your loved one to prove your love to her.

What you need to know first

In order to narrow down the list of possible cars a bit, we’ll pick up the basic requirements for “ladies’” autos. The main thing about these cars is that they have to be equipped with automatic transmission. Besides, the car must have air conditioning or climate control, heated front seats, rear parking sensor or rear-view camera. Buying your woman a car without a good audio system is a waste of money. Of course, the car should come with at least two airbags and an ESP. Besides, it also must look appropriately: we’re talking about metallic paint and light alloy wheels.

Meeting all these requirements, especially if you’re in short of money, is pretty difficult. Therefore, it’s worth discussing car accessories with your girlfriend, and choose the car models that meet her needs and your financial capabilities in advance. If your significant other already has enough driving experience, it’s also better to sign up for a test drive. If the car you bought is difficult to steer, additional options won’t help. The vehicle will probably stay in the parking lot or garage, and your disappointed girlfriend might think that it’s your fault. When choosing a car, put the girl behind the wheel, test drives can be pretty exciting.

Type of car

Large SUVs are usually for women who are unsure of themselves. A vehicle that makes other drivers respect them and gives a certain advantage on the road helps compensate for the lack of driving skills. Off-road cars are the choice of wealthy women, who can afford to buy an expensive SUV on their own, or provincial Russian brides dating on or other dating sites, looking for a wealthy husband.

On the other hand, a large car isn’t hard to steer; you can get used to it in just a few days, but sitting at the wheel of a SUV, a woman with a small driving experience will feel calm and comfortable.

Sure, there are also small cars. The thing is that the size of the vehicle doesn’t mean that it will be cheaper than conventional coupes and sedans. But a girl driving a sedan looks somewhat ridiculous. Cars of this type are more associated with a typically male vehicle. Such autos are more suitable for business women. A small car, in its turn, gives a lot of advantages to its owner: they are easier to steer and park, not to mention fuel economy.

Think about yourself

So, you’ve come to a common decision. Your woman is happy with her choice. And now the last check. Are you ready to drive the car that you chose for your loved one? Are you ready to drive it to work or give your friend a ride?

There is an opinion among some motorists (and not only men) that the wife’s car shouldn’t be better than her husband’s one. Maybe these are prejudices or complexes, or maybe it’s an unspoken law. No matter whether your lady’s car is better than yours or not, you certainly shouldn’t be ashamed to get behind its wheel. How about buying your loved one a car that you wanted to buy for yourself? Maybe a stylish coupe or a hatchback?

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