Honda Cliq: Design & Speed Perfectly Combined

Honda has taken yet another unconventional approach to the new Cliq. Though it may appear chunky, its mechanicals and all those plastic panels amount to a 102kg kerb. Hop onto the saddle and things don’t feel overly wholesome as on other scoots. There are no panels around the naked handlebar, and seeing the small instrument panel gives the impression that some custom builder’s been hacking away at this scooter in an effort to keep weight down. The quality of the plastic panels could be seen as cringe-worthy. But heck, that’s what keeps the price in check, so no real complaint there. The engine is the best thing about this scooter.

The Cliq draws its power from the same 109.19cc single-pot mill from the Activa, with power and torque figures staying the same at 8bhp and 8.9Nm. Acceleration with the Cliq, just as with the Navi, is peppy. Cruising through town at 40-50kph, the Cliq’s suspension works well to reduce the sharpness of bumps. And thanks to its weight, remains very agile and makes weaving through traffic a breeze. Out on the highway, the Cliq is good for an indicated 80kph, with the engine not sounding overly stressed and vibrations kept to a minimum. But once you are hit by some cross winds, sticking to a straight line is a bit tricky. Which is down to its weight and 10-inch wheels. So, you’ll definitely have to reduce speed to keep things safe.

The storage bay under the seat won’t hold anything apart from a half-face helmet, but there is the option of putting an additional carrier rack behind the seat, and also mounting a little storage box that fits on the floorboard, but this will simply accommodate something the size of a smartphone. We appreciated the fact that the scooter did come fitted with a mobile charging socket under the seat though. The Cliq has a couple of things working in its favour like its overall agility, grippy tyres, CBS, a long, broad seat, all with a sound motor at the helm. Plus there’s that attractive pricetag. But factors like its looks, flimsy plastics, a small fuel tank (3.5 litres) may not appeal to many.


110cc, single-cyl, CVT, 8bhp, 9Nm, 102kg

Fuel tank: 3.5 litres

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