Honda Civic Type R – Race Ready

The NSX isn’t the only one to get pummeled by exchange rate, you’ll need to part with R600 900 for one of these which, when considering the contrastingly plain interior, average technology and bits of glued on aero addenda, is steep when pitted against a suave Golf R.

honda-civic-type-r-engineGood thing it has such a beastly engine… what were we talking about again? Cranking 228kW and 400Nm from the first turbo engine Honda has ever produced for a road car, it has been well worth the wait. Grab each gear perfectly (and you can) for 0-100km/h in five seconds – that will awaken your senses more than flicking steering paddles, while realizing that those four exhaust pipes are not merely there for aesthetics. Fuel burns quickly, regardless what Honda says about clever VTEC mapping, which is supposed to use it sparingly, and you probably will munch your way through a few brake pads before the planned service intervals.


Love it or loathe it you won’t find anything else quite like it or sadly ever again, not only because the first batch has already sold out, but also because cars this raw push against the natural evolution. Now, if only there’s some truth behind the rumours of a new Honda S2000 potentially on the way.

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