Honda Civic Type R – Race Ready

A lot about the Civic Type R’s direct and uncensored abilities comes back to the little aluminum ball that nestles in your hand connected by a 40mm throw. It’s the exact movement, weight, and precision that helped put VTEC’s stamp on the world when the S2000 came along.


There’s no DSG because Honda doesn’t make one – although we’d like to believe they wouldn’t use one even if it were available.

When jammed into one of the brightly colored bucket seats, your organs get bruised by every bump, the tyres fight for grip with everything they have, and Brembo brakes – painted red for wow effect – are the largest stoppers Honda has ever fitted.

exhaust-pipe-honda-type-r-2016-1The design will suit those who attend car club gatherings every other weekend to collect another sticker to go above the exhaust pipe. Honda says it’s the only car of its type to produce genuine aero efficiency which is something we’ve yet to try out along with its maximum speed of 250km/h. Every gap in the bodywork performs a function, the sort of effect others aim to achieve by nipping down to the nearest aftermarket shop.

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