Holden EFIJY

Since swaggering onto the scene at the Australian International Motor Show in 2005, muscles rippling, the Holden EFIJY concept car has travelled the world attracting admirers eveywhere. This wildly exaggerated tribute to the 1953 Holden FJ — and American bathtub styling of the same era — is a spectacular beauty and no doubt the occasional tear has trickled because this fabulous machine will never go into production.

The radical EFIJY two-seater pillarless coupe was the long-term dream of Holden chief designer Richard Ferlazzo. Starting from modified Chevy Corvette underpinnings from parent General Motors, a great body was added. This curvaceous Aussie creation begins with a thrusting brightwork front end and proceeds rearwards via a bulging bonnet between pontoon wings.

The car’s smooth lines then flow over a low cabin with teardrop windows, swooping down to a dramatic point between twin exhausts. The bodywork was constructed in reinforced fibreglass after a full-sized model of the EFIJY had been built.

The retro two-tone interior in leather and wood is sumptuously fitted, but has touch-screen LCD instrumentation and delightful details like machined-aluminum pedals. The car sits low to the ground until the air suspension is activated with a touch of a finger, at which point the EFIJY rises to normal ride height.

The supercharged 6 litre GM V8 punches out an insane amount of power, harnessed by four-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission. When the engine is fired up — and propelling the EFIJY at speed — the tuned exhausts emit a really great sound. So, too, does the high-output stereo system housed in the boot.

The EFIJY is everything a concept car should be, showcasing the creative skills of a talented automotive design team at the top of its game and making hugely positive waves for the supportive parent company that let it happen.






5,967 cc V8




Talk about attention to detail – the ultra-bright LED headlamps are so powerful that each unit requires a mini-fan to cool it down … even though the car never has and never is likely to make an extended after-dark trip. But that’s the point, for the EFIJY showcases Holden’s meticulous attention to detail.


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